Meeples Weekly Recap – 10/6/17

Can you believe it’s October already?!  As I’ve been patiently waiting for Halloween decorations to come to Target (and they FINALLY got there), we’ve been trying out some new games!  Want to see what we’ve been playing?  Keep reading below!  Now with pictures!

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What Did We Play This Week- 9/22/17

Hello, this is Ethan here with this week’s post on what we’ve been playing. The reason why I’m doing this instead of Amber this week is simply because I actually was the one playing more games this week with a lot of other people. Despite that, it was still a pretty full week of gaming so let’s not waste any time and jump right in.

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What Did We Play This Week — 9/1/17

Who can believe it’s already September? It’s the best month of the year (*cough* my birthday month *cough*), the weather is cooling off, and it’s a great time to play board games! We got a lot in this week, so continue below to see What We’ve Been Playing!

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What Did We Play This Week: Special GenCon 2017 Edition

As we continue to recover from our post-con exhaustion, we’re excited to bring you a special edition of What Did We Play, where we recap not only our normal gaming nights, but the things we played at GenCon as well! Because we split for part of the con, Ethan has made a seperate post about our experience, so that everyone gets the full con experience. Go grab something to drink (we’ll wait) because we’ve got a lot to tell you!

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What Have We Been Playing – 8/11/17

We didn’t forget about you, we swear! We know that Fridays all you look forward to is hearing what we’ve been playing this week, but we were just so busy . . .

Thanks for joining us again for another recap of What Have We Been Playing, where we go through our week in gaming.

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