Gen Con 2017 Recap!

Hi all! As you may have heard, last week was Gen Con, the best four (-ish) days in gaming! More particularly, it was the 50th Gen Con, and we were there to celebrate the momentous anniversary. Join me as I recap our Gen Con experience, full of games and more!

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Chronicles from the Crow’s Nest — Pathfinder Adventures #2

Welcome back, scurvy dogs, to our recap of the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path for the Pathfinder roleplaying game!  If you missed the first installment of this series, check it out here.  As before, this post will contain spoilers for the first book of the adventure path, The Wormwood Mutiny, so if you’re currently playing Skulls & Shackles or plan to play it, proceed at your own peril!  Otherwise, let’s dive in and see what misadventures our heroes get into this week!

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