What Have We Been Up To?

Y’all.  It’s April.  Three whole months have flown by in this new year and we’re kind of in a daze.  We’ve been freakishly busy these last few months, but don’t worry, that involved playing a lot of games.  Below we’ve highlighted some of our new gaming experiences in 2018, games we haven’t played before this year.

Been missing our content?!  We’ve been missing you!  Our goal for Two Board Meeples is to have two solid posts a month moving forward, one fun post with lots of pictures and some games and another post highlighting what new things we’ve been trying out.  Thanks for sticking with us!

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Name that Game #2

Welcome back to our second installment of Name that Game!  Below you’ll see a grid containing components from 9 different games.  Make sure to put your guesses in the comments in order to collect all the board gaming glory!  Good luck!

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Name that Game #1

*Puts on Gameshow Voice* Welcome to a new segment called “Name That Game,” where we show you components from games in our collection and you try to guess which game they’re from!  Below you’ll see a grid containing components from 9 different games.  Make sure to put your guesses in the comments in order to collect all the board gaming glory!  Good luck!

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Word Games of 2017 – Part One: Party Games

With 2017 still in the rearview mirror, it seems like a perfect opportunity to take a look back at some of its games, as we did with our recent Top 5.  For whatever reason, when looking back at the games that we bought and played last year, there were quite a few word games.  I’m sure part of this is our bias towards the genre (even before getting into hobby board games, Scattergories has always been a perennial favorite), but even still it seems like there were a greater than usual number of new word games released.  And even more, it seems like most of these were on the “party” end of the spectrum, accommodating 6, 8, or even more players!  In addition, these tend to be easy to learn and play, so are great for family or friends who may not be as into board games as some of us are.  In this article, we’ll explore 5 recent releases, and give our impressions on them.

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A Look Back – Our Top 5 of 2016

With a New Year upon us, we can’t help but to feel a little nostalgic.  About a year ago, we recapped our favorite games from 2016, so we decided to give that post another look.  Things can change so much over a year, do these games fulfill the same need for us at the end of 2017?  Let’s take a look and find out!

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Meeples Weekly Recap – 12/8/17

It’s that time of year where the weather is getting colder and we’re starting to spend more time inside.  Ok, let’s face it, the Meeples aren’t really outside people anyway, so we cranked up the heat and busted out a few games.  What have you been playing this week?  We’d love to hear in the comments below!  Otherwise, please enjoy this weeks boardgame musings!

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Meeples Weekly Recap: Black Friday 2017 Edition

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Halloween and now Thanksgiving has come and gone!  If you’re like me, you’re recuperating from your food hangover, but many Americans have been celebrating their capitalistic rights and have been shopping til they drop!  If you’re one of the shopping kind, feel free to click on our Amazon Associate links below to help support us!  Otherwise, please enjoy a more abbreviated version of our week in gaming!

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Meeples Weekly Recap – 11/17/17

After all of our excitement from GameHole Con last week, we had a bit of a quieter week in the gaming sphere as we settled back into normal life… or what passes for normal around here anyways. That said, we still did get a bit of gaming in, so read on to learn about our experiences for this week in games!

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