A Look Back: Our Top 5 Games of 2017

The first month of the new year is just about finished and while everyone is looking ahead with a fresh perspective, we think it’s a good idea to look back and see where we were. 2017 was a great year of gaming for us and provided a great Top 5, but do these games still bring us as much excited as they used to? Read below to find out!

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Board Game Review — Welcome To . . .

In the upcoming series of review, you’ll see us review our top 5 games of 2018! Why didn’t we do this before?! We don’t know!

As seen in our Top 5 Games of 2018, Welcome To . . . has made a big splash with Two Board Meeples. Want to know more about the game? Let’s take a look below!

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Board Game Review – Wingspan

As a member of the Stonemaier Ambassador program, the Ambassadors have the opportunity to fill out a survey if we are interested in playtesting games for the company.  I was fortunate enough to be chosen as playtester for an upcoming, yet unreleased Wingspan expansion.  At the time of playtesting, Wingspan had not yet been released, so we were sent a copy of the base game so that we could properly test the expansion.  While we cannot discuss the details of the expansion, we are excited to share our thoughts on this upcoming game.  Join us below to learn more!

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Two Board Meeples’ Top 5 Games of 2018

2018 has come and gone.  The year has whizzed by, bringing a swirl of news, personal trials, and of course, board games.  While this year has slowed down our amount of game play, we have still had tremendous fun trying new games this year and sharing them with our wonderful gaming groups.  After hiding away from each other and ranking the games, we have created our top 5 games of this year!  Please note, this list includes only games that we have personally played and the year listings come from Board Game Geek.  There are plenty more wonderful games that have been released this year and we’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments!

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Review – Unlock! Secret Adventures

As we’ve written about in the past, we really enjoy “escape room in a box“-style puzzle games. So when a new trio of Unlock! games was released, we wasted no time in getting and playing them. We had a ton of fun with them as usual, and since this set of games seemed to introduce a few new elements beyond just the cards and app, it seemed like a good opportunity to give our impressions of them. We’ll cover each of the three games in the “Secret Adventures” set of Unlock!, from easiest to hardest (by the publisher’s ranking). For each game, we’ll include a spoiler-free overview and general impressions, as well as a more detailed review that may contain some spoilers, though we’ll try to avoid putting the actual answer to any of the puzzles so you can still enjoy playing through these games and figuring things out for yourself (albeit with a bit more foreknowledge of some of the game’s surprises). So grab your thinking cap and prepare to solve some puzzles to make it through the Unlock! Secret Adventures!

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Catch Up Mechanic #1

Welcome to “Catch Up Mechanic,” where we examine some top gaming moments that have come and gone.  When life, health and work doesn’t get in the way, sometimes we get to play board games!  June was a lowkey gameplay month for us, but that doesn’t mean we skipped out on gaming altogether.  Below are some highlights from June gaming sessions.

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Name that Game #3

Welcome back to this month’s installment of Name that Game, now with spoiler free answers!  Below you’ll see a grid containing components from 9 different games.  Put your guesses in the comments in order to collect all the board gaming glory.

Stuck on an answer?  Click on the spoilers below the grid to find out which game they belong to!  Even better, these spoilers contain Amazon Associate links where you can buy the games shown and donate a little bit of cash to us, at no extra cost to you!  Good luck!

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What Have We Been Up To?

Y’all.  It’s April.  Three whole months have flown by in this new year and we’re kind of in a daze.  We’ve been freakishly busy these last few months, but don’t worry, that involved playing a lot of games.  Below we’ve highlighted some of our new gaming experiences in 2018, games we haven’t played before this year.

Been missing our content?!  We’ve been missing you!  Our goal for Two Board Meeples is to have two solid posts a month moving forward, one fun post with lots of pictures and some games and another post highlighting what new things we’ve been trying out.  Thanks for sticking with us!

Interested in trying some of the games we have?  Click on our Amazon Affiliate links!  You purchases things like normal on Amazon and Two Board Meeples gets a few pennies from your purchase with no extra cost to you.  These pennies add up and allow us to buy more games to write about!

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Name that Game #1

*Puts on Gameshow Voice* Welcome to a new segment called “Name That Game,” where we show you components from games in our collection and you try to guess which game they’re from!  Below you’ll see a grid containing components from 9 different games.  Make sure to put your guesses in the comments in order to collect all the board gaming glory!  Good luck!

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