Board Game Review – Cartographers


When much of the world is unknown, a cartographer’s job is never done. As one of those mapmakers, it is your job to survey the newly-claimed lands to the north in service of the queen. However, you are not alone, as rival cartographers are also mapping this land out, hoping to find the region best suited to the queen’s whims. And don’t forget about the monsters lurking in these lands that will make your job more difficult… Will you be able to satisfy the queen’s edicts and earn the title and reputation of the best Cartographer in the land?

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Amber’s Gen Con 2019 Games List

Gen Con 2019 is quickly approaching and nearly everyday I scour the Board Game Geek Gen Con convention preview, checking out what games will be popping up at the con. It’s important to me to go to the con with plan (lest I buy everything in the whole place!), so I’ve got the list locked and loaded, ready to hit the floor! Below I’ve listed some of my selections based on BGG’s prioritizing categories, explaining the whats and the whys!

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Board Game Review — Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

In the final installment of our review from the Top Games of 2018, we check out Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig by Stonemaier Games! The Mad King has spoken. He has demanded a new Castle, but as you arrive to begin building, you see several other architects are here to build as well! There are tracts of land between you and you’ll have to do your best to please the king. Will you be able to work with your neighbors to please Ludwig II?

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Board Game Review — Monumentum

Recently we were approached by designer Mark Hanny with Joe Magic Games and asked if we would be interested in reviewing a new game he has coming out called Monumentum. Always willing to try something new, we heartily agreed and Mark sent us a prototype of the game. What did we think of Mark’s “monumentous” game? Click below to read more!

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A Look Back: Our Top 5 Games of 2017

The first month of the new year is just about finished and while everyone is looking ahead with a fresh perspective, we think it’s a good idea to look back and see where we were. 2017 was a great year of gaming for us and provided a great Top 5, but do these games still bring us as much excited as they used to? Read below to find out!

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Board Game Review — Welcome To . . .

In the upcoming series of review, you’ll see us review our top 5 games of 2018! Why didn’t we do this before?! We don’t know!

As seen in our Top 5 Games of 2018, Welcome To . . . has made a big splash with Two Board Meeples. Want to know more about the game? Let’s take a look below!

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