Board Game Review – Kingdomino Duel

In a world where territory comes in sets of 2, your goal is to ensure that your kingdom is more prosperous and prestigious than that of your rival. In Kingdomino Duel, players will draft dice to place various coats of arms in their domains, scoring points from the high dignitaries that occasionally accompany the influential houses. In addition, players race to unlock special spells granted by each of the houses. Will you be savvy enough in mapping out your territory to win the duel of Kingdominoes?

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Board Game Review – Exchange

The Buttonwood Agreement, signed on Wall Street in 1792, organized securities trading and led to a coalition of stockbrokers which later became known as the New York Stock Exchange.  Today, millions of dollars worth of stocks, securities and bonds change hands every day on the NYSE, but even at its founding the ultimate goal was the same as it is today.  If you want to come out on top with the most money, you have to know how to manipulate and take advantage of the Exchange.

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Board Game Review – The Alpha

In the forest, when resources become scarce, predators must work hard to find food and assert their dominance over their hunting grounds.  This is not lost on the wolves of the land, who must try to find enough food to feed themselves while not running afoul of or losing their prey to other packs in the region.  Because in the end, when hunting for food only one pack can come out on top and be: The Alpha.

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Board Game Review – My Little Scythe

It is time for the annual Harvest Tournament in the Kingdom of Pomme!  Each year, the seven animal kingdoms send two young siblings to compete in the tournament.  The winners receive not only the glory of victory, but the opportunity for their kingdom to take the crown of Pomme for the coming year!  Will your kingdom be victorious in this year’s Tournament?

Board Game Review — Wavelength

How hot is coffee?  On a scale from hot to cold, it would probably call on the left side of that spectrum, right?  But how far to the left?  There are definitely tings that are hotter, like molten metal or the sun.  And what if you wait for your coffee to cool down before drinking it, or (god forbid) like iced coffee?  In Wavelength, these kinds of discussion and debates are commonplace, as each round one player is trying to get their team to guess where something falls on a scale between two extremes.  You have to put your psychic powers to the test to guess what they’re going for!

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Board Game Review — Wingspan: European Expansion

Snow Bunting. Yellowhammer. Bluethroat. These are but a few of the birds that flew their way into the first expansion for Wingspan, adeptly named Wingspan: European Expansion. Wanna know what these birds add to the previous flock? Read our review below to find out!

Board Game Review – Cartographers


When much of the world is unknown, a cartographer’s job is never done. As one of those mapmakers, it is your job to survey the newly-claimed lands to the north in service of the queen. However, you are not alone, as rival cartographers are also mapping this land out, hoping to find the region best suited to the queen’s whims. And don’t forget about the monsters lurking in these lands that will make your job more difficult… Will you be able to satisfy the queen’s edicts and earn the title and reputation of the best Cartographer in the land?

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Amber’s Gen Con 2019 Games List

Gen Con 2019 is quickly approaching and nearly everyday I scour the Board Game Geek Gen Con convention preview, checking out what games will be popping up at the con. It’s important to me to go to the con with plan (lest I buy everything in the whole place!), so I’ve got the list locked and loaded, ready to hit the floor! Below I’ve listed some of my selections based on BGG’s prioritizing categories, explaining the whats and the whys!

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