Board Game Review – Slide Quest

Do you remember Labyrinth?  No, not the David Bowie movie, and not that place where Theseus fought the minotaur.  I’m talking about this toy, where you used knobs to tilt the platform and try to navigate the ball towards the goal without falling in one of the many holes.  Slide Quest is essentially that, but cooperative.  Each player will take a side and can tilt that side of the board up, in a quest to navigate the heroic Knight on a quest through up to 20 various levels, facing obstacles and enemies as he goes.  Can you work together to achieve victory in this fast and frantic game?

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Top 5 Games of 2019 : Ethan

While we keep ourselves quarantined, we’ve been thinking back to the game nights of before. Reminiscing on these times had us thinking, wait a minute, we never posted our top lists for 2019! With time now abundant, we got to work, crafting the words to describe the wonders of the year before. What games did Ethan love from the year 2019? Read below to find out!

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Editorial — Black Creators in Board Gaming

On January 16th, 2016, Two Board Meeples put our first post out into the world. We created this blog because we’re passionate about board gaming and want to share this passion to make a connection with gamers of all backgrounds. In the past four years, we have written many articles about things we loved, but in focusing the lens on ourselves, we’ve neglected entire groups of people in the board gaming world. Since our first post in 2016, we’ve written specifically about 46 titles; out of all those titles, there was only one Black designer represented and no black artists. If we looked closely at our board game collection, I’m afraid it may reflect the same. How can we say we want to connect with gamers of different backgrounds, that we’re “by the meeples, for the meeples,” if we’re not representing the diversity that makes board gaming so wonderful?

Black communities are in a lot of pain right now, feeling a pain that has existed longer that this blog and longer than the two of us. I grew up in a small, southern community and heard a lot of vile things said about the Black members of my communities. Even young, I didn’t understand why people (including my own family) were saying these things; as I grew and begun to understand prejudice and racism, I made a promise to myself that these thoughts wouldn’t be my status quo, that making a change starts with me.

But it’s not enough to think we’re going to be better or saying we’re going to be better; we have to DO better. We must show up and support the members of our Black communities; if we want to continue to grow our board game community this MUST include our Black players and creators as well. So below we’ve started to create a living list. This list includes Black Designers, Black Artists and Black Content Creators that we and others in our community have recommended. From this list, Two Board Meeples will begin to share more content created by Black Board Gamers, Artist and Designers to reflect the community we want to see and be a part of.

If you are or know a black creator that should be added to this list, we will happily do so. We will continue to add to this list as we research and find new creators in the community. If you feel you have been mislabeled in this list, please let me know right away and I will make corrections. I want to do what is right by the creators, so if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Please click the links below to find out more about each creator.

Board Games by Black Designers & Publishers

Black Designers & Publishers

Black Artists

Black Content Creators

Programming with Black Creators