Board Game Review – Kingdomino Duel

In a world where territory comes in sets of 2, your goal is to ensure that your kingdom is more prosperous and prestigious than that of your rival. In Kingdomino Duel, players will draft dice to place various coats of arms in their domains, scoring points from the high dignitaries that occasionally accompany the influential houses. In addition, players race to unlock special spells granted by each of the houses. Will you be savvy enough in mapping out your territory to win the duel of Kingdominoes?

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Board Game Review – Exchange

The Buttonwood Agreement, signed on Wall Street in 1792, organized securities trading and led to a coalition of stockbrokers which later became known as the New York Stock Exchange.  Today, millions of dollars worth of stocks, securities and bonds change hands every day on the NYSE, but even at its founding the ultimate goal was the same as it is today.  If you want to come out on top with the most money, you have to know how to manipulate and take advantage of the Exchange.

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Board Game Review – The Alpha

In the forest, when resources become scarce, predators must work hard to find food and assert their dominance over their hunting grounds.  This is not lost on the wolves of the land, who must try to find enough food to feed themselves while not running afoul of or losing their prey to other packs in the region.  Because in the end, when hunting for food only one pack can come out on top and be: The Alpha.

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