Board Game Review – Cartographers


When much of the world is unknown, a cartographer’s job is never done. As one of those mapmakers, it is your job to survey the newly-claimed lands to the north in service of the queen. However, you are not alone, as rival cartographers are also mapping this land out, hoping to find the region best suited to the queen’s whims. And don’t forget about the monsters lurking in these lands that will make your job more difficult… Will you be able to satisfy the queen’s edicts and earn the title and reputation of the best Cartographer in the land?

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Gen Con Recap 2019

Well, another Gen Con is on the books! This year was our fourth time experiencing “the best four days in gaming.” After being strictly Gen Can’t last year, this year’s Con did not disappoint! This Con, we experienced both the familiar and the new, and I kept a mini-journal of each day’s experiences to be able to recap them in detail. So without further ado, let’s jump into our Gen Con Recap 2019!

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