Amber’s Gen Con 2019 Games List

Gen Con 2019 is quickly approaching and nearly everyday I scour the Board Game Geek Gen Con convention preview, checking out what games will be popping up at the con. It’s important to me to go to the con with plan (lest I buy everything in the whole place!), so I’ve got the list locked and loaded, ready to hit the floor! Below I’ve listed some of my selections based on BGG’s prioritizing categories, explaining the whats and the whys!

Must Haves

The must haves in my list are games and expansions that we will DEFINITELY pick up at the Con if we haven’t already pre-ordered them. A lot of these are either expansions to games we already love or the next part in a series we love. These include the following:

Welcome To . . . Spring & Summer Neighborhood Expansions

In a previous review article, Ethan and I got a chance to explain what draws us to this game, so it should come to no surprise that we’re picking up the neighborhood expansions!  I have yet to play with any of the new neighborhoods, but I’m excited to try out new strategies based on the different themes.  Roll and Write (or flip and write, in this case) has become pretty hot on the board game market right now, I’m excited to see what else is coming out this year in that category.

3 Secrets: Crime Time

We always try to keep a small game tucked in our bags to pass the time, and 3 Secrets is one that has great portability, it was even my #2 game of 2017!  Easy to teach and quick to play, we’ve gone through a lot of the 3 Secrets Scenarios, so I’m excited to get a new pack to examine.  Some of the stories can be a little morbid, so viewer discretion is advised.

Century: Golem Edition – Eastern Mountains

When we dedicated ourselves to the Century series, the components and theme of the Golem edition locked us in, despite hearing that there never may be Golem expansions.  We were genuinely surprised to hear this stand-alone expansion announced and knew we couldn’t miss the chance to scoop this up!

Other Must Haves: Bang! The Dice Game: Undead or Alive, Deckscape: Behind the Curtain & The Curse of the Sphinx, Decrypto: Expansion #1 – Laser Drive, The Red Dragon Inn Smorgasbox, Unlock!  Heroic Adventures


In order to better budget our hard earned cash, I’ve planned a list of games that I’m highly interested in and may buy after trying it out. These games are mostly from publisher we like and trust and have put a bit of research into the game. Some of the games on this list include:


A friend of our owns this game and late one night, after one of the longest games I’ve ever played, we decided to give Pipeline a try.  Blaming it on the 8 hour game of Colonists and being up way past my bedtime, I did horribly.  I did so horribly I was sort ashamed and embarrassed at how badly I did.  But, I’m ready to redeem myself and want to give this game another go so that we can decide if it belongs on our shelf.

Letter Jam

Word games and co-ops are definitely my (absolutely intended) jam, so when I first heard about this game my interest was piqued.  The hidden information/deduction mechanic reminds me a lot of Hanabi, it can be difficult to decide what clues to give to which player, but is part of the wonderful strategy of the game.  The mechanics seem similar enough between the two games that I’m hoping it’s be a hit with our game group.

On Tour

Many young people dream of becoming a rock star and this game seems to give a glimpse of tour planning life!  This game gives me the feelings of a cross between Welcome To . . .  and Ticket to Ride, a sort of path building flip and write.  I was a bit nervous about the variability in the game, but the publisher has stated that there is a variable set up step, so I’m excited to see how this will work.

Other Interested Games: Atelier: The Painter’s Studio, Dice Hospital: Community Care, Welcome to Dino World, Rice Dice, Folded Wishes, Head Hackers, Detective Club, Planet, We’re Doomed!, Ragusa, Foodies, Mystery House: Adventures in a Box, Sanctum, Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders, Chocolatiers, Floor Plan, Welcome To . . .: Solo Mode, Era: Medieval Age, Atlantis Rising, Crystal Palace, Fuji, Mint Cooperative, Calico, Sagrada: The Great Facades – Passion, Until Daylight, High Rise, Sabotage, Quick Link, Tattoo Stories, Sushi Roll, Boomerang, The Crusoe Crew, Mystery, Pirates: The City of Skulls, Pirates: The Great Chase, Wordsmith, Deranged, Museum, Nagaraja, The Sherlock Files: Elementary Entries,  Battle of the Bards, PARKS, Terrors of London, Adventure Games: Monochrome Inc., Adventure Games: The Dungeon, Brainwaves: The Astute Goose, Roll for Adventure, Tribes: Dawn of Humanity, Obscurio, Pinnacle, Fight Club: The Home Game, Stockpile: Illicit Investments, Oceans, Paint the Roses, The Taverns of Tiefenthal, Mr. Face, Nine Tiles Panic, Dead Man’s Cabal, Mental Blocks, Escape from Nemo’s Island, Nobjects, Planet Apocalypse, Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write, Copenhagen, Copenhagen: Roll & Write, Horrified, ArtSee, Bargain Quest, Revolution of 1828, Time Chase, Mechanica, Return to Dark Tower, Lawyer Up, Set a Watch, Deadly Doodles, Colors of Paris, U.S. Telegraph, IT: Evil Below, Escape the Dark Castle, Rolling Ranch, Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, Lock Up: A Roll Player Tale, Precious Cargo, Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master, Hadara


This category was a bit tough for me, it felt like there were times where there was a fine line between interested and not interested. A lot of these games were up in the air based on mechanics and theme, some of which I can be kind of picky about. Here are some games and explanations:

Machi Koro: Legacy

I’m a sucker for Legacy games, I want to try them one and all.  Friends in my game group do not hold a very high opinion of Machi Koro, so it’s difficult for me to decide if this is a game that will keep the interest of my legacy group.  If I don’t get a glimpse of the Legacy version at Gen Con, I think it will be worth it to give the original Machi Koro a try first, then gauge whether I’m still interested.

Ecos: First Continent

My love of world and city building games goes back to my days of The Sims and Sim City.  The thought of redeveloping the planet from the very beginning is interesting, and the use of a modular boards typically adds to replayability, but looking over our collection, we don’t have a lot of tile laying games.  This doesn’t necessarily stem from disliking the mechanic, but from the fact that we really love the tile laying games we own, so I’m wondering if this will be different enough to add something new to our collection.


Area control is one of my least favorite game mechanics, I’m not a big fan of direct conflict as a main component and area control usually leads to just that.  But as pictures have been coming of Bosk and the beautiful components, I’m feeling a bit torn.  This  isn’t the type of area control games that I’ve played in the past, feeling bitter by the loss of control because of dueling armies.  So it’s quite possible that it still may make it to our table yet.

Other Undecided Games: Jurassic Parts, Point Salad, Walking in Burano, Cat Cafe, Marquesas, Carnival of Monsters, Draftosaurus, Monster Slaughter, Tales of Glory, Welkin, Silver/Silver Bullet, 20 Second Showdown, Blockbuster, Don’t Get Got!, What Came First?, Dragon Market, Kingdomino Duel, Pappy Winchester, Slide Quest, Sierra West, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Fertility, Aquatica, Barrage, Corinth, Claim/ Claim 2, Realm of Sand, 3 Laws of Robotics, It’s Blunderful, Whozit?, Dicium, Endangered, Reavers of Midgard, Dominations: Road to Civilization, The King’s Dilemma, Similo: Fables, Flip Over Frog, MegaCity: Oceania, Ishtar

There are a ton more games on the Gen Con that may fall under one of these categories, may be in the not interested category, or I may not have prioritized yet! What are you looking for at Gen Con? What haven’t I discussed that I should check out? Let me know!

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