Catch Up Mechanic #2

Welcome back to “Catch Up Mechanic,” where we examine some top gaming moments that have come and gone in the past month. When I’ve not been drooling over some gigantic miniatures (I’m looking at you, CMON) or solving murder mysteries (check out The Staircase on Netflix!), we’ve been hitting meetups to get some gaming in! We did some gaming apart this month, but here are the highlights of games that really tickled our fancy in July!

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Review – Unlock! Secret Adventures

As we’ve written about in the past, we really enjoy “escape room in a box“-style puzzle games. So when a new trio of Unlock! games was released, we wasted no time in getting and playing them. We had a ton of fun with them as usual, and since this set of games seemed to introduce a few new elements beyond just the cards and app, it seemed like a good opportunity to give our impressions of them. We’ll cover each of the three games in the “Secret Adventures” set of Unlock!, from easiest to hardest (by the publisher’s ranking). For each game, we’ll include a spoiler-free overview and general impressions, as well as a more detailed review that may contain some spoilers, though we’ll try to avoid putting the actual answer to any of the puzzles so you can still enjoy playing through these games and figuring things out for yourself (albeit with a bit more foreknowledge of some of the game’s surprises). So grab your thinking cap and prepare to solve some puzzles to make it through the Unlock! Secret Adventures!

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