Catch Up Mechanic #1

Welcome to “Catch Up Mechanic,” where we examine some top gaming moments that have come and gone.  When life, health and work doesn’t get in the way, sometimes we get to play board games!  June was a lowkey gameplay month for us, but that doesn’t mean we skipped out on gaming altogether.  Below are some highlights from June gaming sessions.

Now Boarding #2 Back at the beginning of the  month we took a crack at Now Boarding, a new game by Fowers Games (who makes games we love like Paperback).  We were warned by a friend of ours that this game was “impossible,” but Two Board Meeples never backs off from a challenge!  After loading the tarmac to the full set of players, we built our planes and braced ourselves to the challenge of cross-country flight.  With companies spread across the country, we were soon scrambling to get passengers where they needed to go.  How is Sally going to get the O’Hare?  We’ll take her to Denver of course!  But not before stopping in New York and Houston first!  We felt so clever getting passenger to where they needed to be, wondering how impossible this game really was.  That is, until we got into the final round, we’re all spread out, and there’s not way to get someone from San Francisco to Atlanta.  Or from New York to Denver.  Then, the possibility of winning became really impossible really quick.  The game was a ton of fun, but we know for next time to plan for those last passengers!

The Visitor #1 This month we also got a chance to revisit the game, Visitor in Blackwood Grove, or as I like to call it, ET in a box.  One player is “The Visitor,” trying to protect themselves being captured by government agencies while “The Kid” is trying to gain the alien’s trust to set him free!  I’ve played as the Kid multiple times, so it was fun this time to play as the Visitor, coming up with a plan of what can get inside the forcefield, then answering the agents’ questions about whether things can go inside or not.  However, if you pick a difficult forcefield restriction, it can make it really difficult to determine what gets inside!  I had much better luck the second game we played, where I was an agent trying to discover the forcefield’s code.  Well, maybe much better isn’t the right way to put it.  I was slightly better at being an agent, but I couldn’t figure out the code to save my life.  Maybe my brain is just better wired for other games!

Trickerion #1Another exciting moment in our month was finally getting to play Trickerion after having it on our shelf for a while!  We first tried this game out during GenCon of 2016, but unfortunately we only had time to learn the rules and play one round before it was time to whisk off to another part of the convention.  One thing I remember really liking about this game is the theme; using actions to move your magicians, apprentices, and specialist characters around town to gather items to perform a big magic trick just sounds super, well, magical!  It was a lengthy teaching experience, however, which can sometimes pull me out of game.  I’m thankful that I was familiar with the gameplay enough that the rules explanation didn’t take me completely out and I was able to hold my own through the entire game.

Trickerion #2Oh, I almost forgot to mention!  One thing I love about this game is the insert we purchased to make it even better!  Baggies are fine to sort components, but nothing is better than seeing a well organized game (or is that just me…).  I mean, look at this beauty!  Don’t you just want to… hug it?  No?  That really is jut me?  Alright, that makes sense, it’s not really a warm and fuzzy.  But the feeling in my heart seeing a game super organized is warm and fuzzy and it’s what on the inside that counts!

Unlock #1One of my favorite days of the quarter is getting a message from our good friends at The Gaming Goat in Rockford letting us know that the newest editions of Unlock are waiting for us at the store.  Puzzle games and escape rooms have really become our thing (need a comparison of the ones we’ve done?  You can check them out here!) and the hour we spend playing these are 60 minutes of pure fun.  Okay, it doesn’t typically take an hour for us to finish these (I know, brag much, right?), but it’s still a fun time!  One thing I really like about these games is there is no time for interruptions, no checking Facebook, twitter or texts for the time it takes to play this game.  However, if you play it in a public place like we did, there’s plenty of other distractions walking by to break your  concentration.  This particular scenario has a couple of fun new features that requires being able to clearly hear the app, so take that into consideration if you decide to check this title out.

7th Continent

One of our most recently game plays and one that we’ve been super hyped for was our first game of The 7th Continent.  I purposefully left components out of the picture for this one because I know there are people out there still waiting for those Kickstarters to roll in (if you’re like us and didn’t back it the first time!) and didn’t want to spoil the fun of breaking open those <insert components here> for the first time.  There are a few mechanics in the game that are familiar to us, which made jumping into the game pretty easy.  We did run into some pretty immediate trouble with our health and ended up losing, but it was nice to learn the game and know what needs to happen next time.


Those were the big ones for the month of June!  Have you played any of these this month?  Played something else cool?  Let us know and we’ll see you next time!

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