Name that Game #1

*Puts on Gameshow Voice* Welcome to a new segment called “Name That Game,” where we show you components from games in our collection and you try to guess which game they’re from!  Below you’ll see a grid containing components from 9 different games.  Make sure to put your guesses in the comments in order to collect all the board gaming glory!  Good luck!

Name That Game #1.jpg

2 thoughts on “Name that Game #1

  1. I think I found them all:

    1: Between Two Cities
    2: Mars Attacks Dice Game
    3: Werewords
    4: Pandemic Legacy Season 1
    5: Tobago
    6: Arkham Horror Card Game
    7: Einstein: His Amazing Life and Incomparable Science
    8: Onitama
    9: Scoville

    Thanks for posting this, it was fun! Too bad the comments section of this site doesn’t have some sort of spoiler-hiding technology. 😉

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