Word Games of 2017 – Part One: Party Games

With 2017 still in the rearview mirror, it seems like a perfect opportunity to take a look back at some of its games, as we did with our recent Top 5.  For whatever reason, when looking back at the games that we bought and played last year, there were quite a few word games.  I’m sure part of this is our bias towards the genre (even before getting into hobby board games, Scattergories has always been a perennial favorite), but even still it seems like there were a greater than usual number of new word games released.  And even more, it seems like most of these were on the “party” end of the spectrum, accommodating 6, 8, or even more players!  In addition, these tend to be easy to learn and play, so are great for family or friends who may not be as into board games as some of us are.  In this article, we’ll explore 5 recent releases, and give our impressions on them.

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