Meeples Weekly Recap – 12/1/17

You guys. It’s December. Which means it’s basically the first day of Christmas.  If you’re not like us and cracking open the first day of your Advent Calendar, or aren’t the Christmasy type, you can accept the gift of our presence down below!

Saturday, 11/25

Since she didn’t have enough of us on Thankgiving, Mama Meeples decided to come back over Saturday afternoon and play a few more games with us. Having never done escape room or played an escape room game (despite our super great review of them), we decided to make a day of It! We started with one of the newest in the Unlock series, Unlock! The Nautilus Traps. The theme wasn’t really up my alley, but in order to fulfill my duty as a board gamer, I needed to play this one as well.  Even with my dislike, the game itself implemented the theme well, which is all I can really get into without spoiling some fun elements of the game.  This game really left us wanting more, so we moved on next to Unlock! The Tonipal’s Treasure.  This theme was a bit more my taste and being the most difficult of the new set made it all the more enticing.  One complaint that I’ve had about these Escape Room Board Games is that there isn’t a lot of room to be innovative, especially since Unlock is really just a pack of cards.  With this particular game, they seemed to be listening, as there were a few mechanics surprises there.  These games are currently on our always buy list, and I don’t see this changing.  We decided to end the night with Escape Room: The Game, one of our first Escape Room Game purchases.  This was a third play of this game and with only one scenario left in the box, we’ve started researching some of the expansions.  This particular scenario made us especially excited because they allowed themselves to use a few outside elements to progress the gameplay.  Again, spoilers, so I can’t really tell you anymore, you’ll just have to play and find out for yourself!

Sunday, 11/26

After all the weekend chores were done, we decided to treat ourselves with a few plays before turning in for the night.  We started off with Arkham Horror: The Card Game, with a campaign that we had recently restarted.  We’ve been really enjoying this LCG and the scenarios has been unique enough that nothing has become repetitive.  However, we hit a bit of a snag on the third scenario in the starter pack.  Because we died.  After finishing and finding out this news, we were in a bit of shock.  We calmly put our characters back in the box and decided we needed some time to decide what will happen next.  So, instead we moved on to Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time.   This is one of the newer co-ops in our collection; we’ve had our eye on it since GenCon and were excited to finally have it in our hands.  This game’s graphic design is reminiscent of classic board games, but there is more to the game than meets the eye.  This game is fairly challenging with the Meeples gaining a loss, it’ll be interesting to see how the game plays with more people.

Thursday, 11/30

With our Tuesday Game Day being dedicated to Starfinder, we were excited to meetup with the Janesville Pegheads on Thursday to get some more board games in!  Ethan has been playing solo quite a bit lately and hearing him rolling dice has made me eager to play Elder Sign again!  During this game, we were facing the wrath of Azathoth, who destroys the world (and loses you the game) when he is unleashed.  Our team quickly got to work collecting Elder Signs, making fantastic dice rolls and avoiding death.  With our experienced group, Azathoth was no match for us, with our group gaining 14 Elder Signs and only 4 Omens!  After the stunning defeat, Ethan moved on to play Inkognito, while I learned Fire of Eidolon. Fire of Eidolon is best described as Forbidden Island, the dungeon crawler, where players must prevent 2 cultists from entering a tile or that tile gets lost forever.  This is especially important when you only have one path leading to one of the three artifacts, because if that path disappears, you lose the game.  We learned this the hard way, neglecting a necessary path and decided it was best if we went a more competitive route next.  I finished the night off with Trickster: Champions of Time, an anti-trick taking game with card abilities.  I was terrible at this game, often being targeted because I worried more about getting rid of the cards in my hand than checking out the points in my tableau.  None-the-less, it was a fun game and colorful end to our gaming week.

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