Meeples Weekly Recap: Black Friday 2017 Edition

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Halloween and now Thanksgiving has come and gone!  If you’re like me, you’re recuperating from your food hangover, but many Americans have been celebrating their capitalistic rights and have been shopping til they drop!  If you’re one of the shopping kind, feel free to click on our Amazon Associate links below to help support us!  Otherwise, please enjoy a more abbreviated version of our week in gaming!

Friday, 11/17/17

Not that we don’t love our busy life, but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of time at home by ourselves.  With our free time, we decided to jump back in to our Arkham Horror: The Card Game campaign.  With these scenarios having different endings, it’s interesting to replay them and see the improvements that can be made from game-to-game.

Saturday, 11/18/17

Waking up after a refreshing night off, we headed down to Illinois for our monthly Saturday Game Day with the Rockford Pegheads.  Ethan and I were setting up to do a Red Dragon Inn tournament that day, but had a bit of time before everyone arrived, so we got in a game of Sagrada and a quick game of Can’t Stop: Express.  Not long after, our tournament players started to arrive and we began an 8-person Red Dragon Inn tournament!  In order to make the numbers even, I decided not to actually play in the tournament, but to facilitate and help with rules questions.  We are able to take both some new players and veterans, so we had a nice mixed crowd.  After handing out prizes, we jumped right back into gaming, moving on to Kokoro, a new game we just received from Kickstarter!  I ended up with quite a crazy score in this game, as I was able to connect all my tents together.  After, we decided to invade a Wizard’s Castle in 10 Minute Heist.  A lot of the treasure cards in this game had nods to other fandoms and nerdage, which made for a little extra fun.  After switching up the groups a bit, we played Mini Park next, where players are working together to build a park but scoring on different aspects.  We decided to end the night with a few games of Codenames, introducing the game to a few new players.

Sunday, 11/19/17

After a long day of game playing, and a night of Pathfinding, we decided we hadn’t had enough quite yet, so we snuck in a game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2.  We were able to make it all the way through November, so we continue forward with just one in-game month left of the campaign.  This game has been very different from the first season of the game, so it’ll be interesting to see how the last game goes.  I look forward to sharing some final thoughts on the game once we’ve finish playing.

Thursday, 11/23/17

The first few days of this week were spent in prep of Turkey Day, which gave us a little time the morning of to play a few games with Mama Meeple and Sister Meeple.  Sister Meeple had played Red Dragon Inn before and wanted to give it another try, so we freshened her up on the rules and jumped in.  She did really well, eliminating other players until it was just the two of us, but ultimately I was able to pull out the win.  Afterwards we busted our Mama Meeples copy of FUSE, working together to defuse all the bombs.  Sister Meeple hadn’t played this before, so we played on easy mode, but we did well and squelched all the bombs.  It was a nice gaming end to a productive week, and we were thankful to spend it with family.

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