Meeple Weekly Recap – 11/3/17

Oh my god, we’re back again!  If you made it through the tricks this week, you’ve successfully earned a treat!  We’re gearing up for Gamehole Con, but if you’re not meeting us there, you can join our adventures by reading below!

Saturday, October 28th

The weekend before Halloween is traditionally reserved for scary movies, haunted houses and candy gathering, but we like to spend it with our friends in Rockford, often sneaking in a few games. This year while while we weren’t playing Rock Band, we got in a few games of Happy Salmon. Happy Salmon is a fun party game for up to 12 people if you have both copies of the game. In this game, you have a deck of cards with four different actions on them. You are trying to find someone who has the same action, do the action together, then discard that card and move on to the next card; the first person to complete all their cards wins!  This game gets quite chaotic because you’re doing motions and screaming and flipping cards all at the same time as different people. After a couple people nearly got punched a couple of trips and a lot of laughs we finished up our game with some very proud of winners that we only got to play a couple of games that night that the games of have the same we got to play were definitely worth missing out on other things.

Sunday, October 29th

After a very long night, Sunday was for Pathfinder, but before everybody came back over we sneaked in a game of Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. While we play this campaign, I’m going to try my best to not give any spoilers for the game while also explaining a little bit about our sessions. This game plays very similar to regular pandemic with a few different mechanics, and definitely different from pandemic Legacy season 1. Well you don’t have to play season one in order to play season 2, I definitely recommend that you play season 1 to get a feel for the story and what season to maybe like. We played just the prologue for this game to get a feel of the new things that would be happening, and we decided that this may definitely be a bit more difficult than season 1. Tough but not too tough, we were able to get through the prologue normal difficulty building up our excitement for playing the first month, but now it was time for Pathfinder.

Tuesday October 31st

This wasn’t just a regular Tuesday night game night at Rockford. This. Was. Halloween. We packed our game back with the spookiest games we had and trucked down to Rockford to see what horrors the night would bring. One of the members of the group brought The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31. This game is based a movie that I’ll readily admit that I haven’t seen, but it was still a fun hidden role/mission game. Someone suggested it was a combination between The Resistance and Dead of Winter, which I thought was an interesting and very truthful comparison. In this game, players control characters that may or may not be the infected, trying to go on missions and sabotage them so that the non-infected cannot leave The Outpost. In our game, one player started as the infected, and then I became infected in the second phase of the game, along with another player. At game’s end, the group chooses a “leader” to take who they believe the non-infected to pick who goes in the pod. Luckily, Ethan suggested a player who had been a infected from the beginning, so he picked the other infected players and we left the Outpost, leaving the others to freeze in Antarctica. After hiding our identities for safety, we decided to hide our identity is for fun and a game called Dracula’s Feast. In this game, all the players are invited to a party by Dracula, however, everybody is wearing masks and nobody knows who the other people at the party are. Players can ask other people to dance or whisper at them asking about their role to try to uncover the identity of all of the other players. This game of his classic movie Monsters with special rules trying to cover their secret identities. In the first game, I was able to figure out pretty quickly the identities of my neighbors, as my special role required me only to find the identity of those two people. In the second game, I needed to figure the identity of all the people and I failed the first time but my role allowed me to take a guess the second time as well. Feeling successful after three game wins, we moved on to a co-op called Magic Maze. In this game, there are four characters represented on the board but nobody controls the character per se, they only control which direction the characters can go. Every player has a different direction card that allows them to move the characters only in that direction. Under the scrutiny of a timer, you’re trying to get the characters to find their way through the mall, find their weapon of choice, and escape with it. I’ve dismissed this game a few times not really knowing anything about it, and when I got to playing it it made me really nervous. You’re under a timer doing these kind of frantic actions and everybody’s hands are all over the board, and there is a pawn that players can use to remind you that you need to do something because you’re not allowed to talk during the game. After playing this game once, I definitely wanted to play it again. We were able to get through four scenarios in this session each one gaining more rules and a bit more difficult as we go. After a lot of spooky and magical gaming success, we decided to end our night with Seven Wonders. Seven Wonders is a classic tableau-building, card-drafting game where you’re trying to complete one of the wonders of the world, gaining science and military along the way. We were able to play this game with 6 people and everyone knew how to play the game, making it go by very quickly. I don’t mind having new players at the table, but sometimes it’s kind of nice to have a game where everybody knows how to play. I wasn’t able to pull in a win for this game that night, giving up a victory to Ethan, but I guess I can let it go.

Thursday November 2nd

This Thursday is brought to you by Gamehole Con. Thursday night kicked off the first half day of Gamehole Con and we headed up to Madison to grab our badges and to play a few games with friends. Some of our friends had events happening that night, so we sat at the open gaming tables and played a few games while we waited. Ethan recently picked up a promotional copy of Unlock! The Elite that we decided to give it a try. This Unlock game was a mini-scenario escape room that played over about 30 minutes. After mostly succeeding the scenario, we decided to try a combination of Codenames: Duet and Codenames: Marvel. Codenames:Marvel is one of the newest versions of and we were excited to try it out, but with only the two of us, we decided to add the Codenames: Duet twist. We discovered after opening the Marvel’s box, that we really didn’t know as many Marvel characters as we thought. About half the cards are Marvel characters given some of the well-known characters like Iron Man The Hulk and Spider-Man, but also quite a few characters that we weren’t as familiar with. Luckily, the other half of the deck focused more on keywords from the comic books like “hero” and “trap,” which are little bit easier to guess. The cards are two-sided, one side with pictures and one side with words to give you both the pictures and regular experience. After doing poorly, we decided to switch it out and play something else. Still working the two player angle, we decided to play Saboteur: The Duel. This game plays a lot like regular Saboteur in that there are two Dwarven teams digging against each other trying to find the gold.  However, with just two players, you are automatically against each other. There are still the typical cards which allow you to dig in different directions as well as a break other people’s equipment so that they are temporarily stopped digging. This game seems to have the same difficulty as regular Saboteur without the hidden information element which worked really well for us. Knowing that our friends would be done with your event soon we decided to play a quick game of Arkham Horror the card game. Although we had just played the large scenario not too long ago, we decided to start our campaign over again as we didn’t really remember what it happened in our campaign. I decided to play Wendy Adams while Ethan played Roland Banks, two characters that we are familiar with from other Arkham games. After some unlucky draws we were able to make it through this scenario just in time for a couple of friends to join us! We decided to pull out starving artist a game about making paintings while trying to survive. In this game players collect page to complete famous paintings gaining points more paint and most importantly food along the way. One thing I really liked about this game is that uses actual pieces of art many recognizable by even the most a knowledgeable about art which makes this game fun for more than just the artsy crowd. The game ended very closely with each player just one point behind one of head of them which makes loss a little bit easier to take. Which one more friend join us after so we decided to end our night with a game of paramedics clear, a competitive game of life-saving. In this game players represent different ambulance squads collecting and saving them with only 60 seconds per turn. We had to cut the game a bit short due to time, but the game moved itself to be challenging and stressful much like I imagine trying to save a real patient is. No lies were lost to this night, thankfully, and we were able to kick off Gamehole Con in a good light. Thanks for joining us for another week of gaming recap. We hope to see you next week or will finish chronicling our game will con experience.

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