Meeples Weekly Recap – 9/29/17

Same great article, wonderful new name!  Welcome back for another week of gaming recaps and reviews.  This week was a bit of lighter gaming week for us due to CHORES and ADULTING and RESPONSIBILITIES, but still a good week!

9/23/17 — Saturday was a big day for us and our Rockford Pegheads because it was “The Epic Day in Gaming.”  On this day, not only did we have our regular Saturday meetup but there were other events held at the Gaming Goat as well!  Eric, our fearless Pegheads leader, ran a Mystic Vale OP Kit this day, getting more people into playing that game.  This was also the day of The Great Goat Swap, where gamers could sell their games to others for store credit.  I spent a lot of my morning wheeling and dealing our games away and generally enjoying the company of the owners and other gamers.  Ethan was able to get in a few games during this time, until we regrouped to play a game of Catacombs. In this dexterous-dungeon crawler, players take on the roles of typical fantasy characters trying slay their way through a dungeon and defeat the boss. The difference in this game, however, is that players must flick their way across the board, trying to hit their disks against the enemy disks to defeat them.  Some of the characters have special abilities that allow them to get in place before they hit, shoot arrows, and more.  We don’t have a lot of dexterity games in our collection, so it was fun to be able to try a new one out.  When that was finished, Ethan moved on to playing Rococo, a dress-making euro, I moved on to The Networks. In this game, players take on the role of a TV Network, trying to build the best shows and get the most viewers.  Players do this by buying more popular shows and attaching high profile actors and ads to it.  One reason I really like this game is because of the integration of the theme.  Everything really just makes sense in this game!  It was a great way to end a very busy day.

9/26 — After doing a big of evil Pathfinding Saturday Evening and all day Sunday, we took a day of rest and hopped back to it during our regular Tuesday Gaming.  Ethan took over the DMing responsibilities and leader a group through a Starfinder Scenario, so I worked with the gaming group to find some games on my own.  One of our Janesville Pegheads joined us in Rockford, so I jumped into a game of Chimera Station.  In what I dubbed “Suburbia in Space with Alien Building,” players are working to build their aliens in order to gain food, new alien parts, and most importantly, points.  The game play was pretty typical of worker placements and tile laying, the most fun part of this game for me was pulling the aliens apart and giving them new body parts.  We ended the gaming session with Farlight.  In this game, players are bidding on parts to build up their space stations, gaining enough parts to fulfill missions.  Bidding games can be hit or miss for me, but one thing I really liked about this game is that everyone is bidding with the same five numbers, so it takes a little bit of the guess work out.  This particular game was really intense because I felt as if I was constantly fighting one particular player for the same parts and missions.  I was able to pull out a victory from it though and have a fun end to my week in gaming.


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