What Did We Play This Week – 9/8/17

Another week as gone by and we’re onto Friday again with recap of our week in gaming. Just because Summer is winding down doesn’t mean our gaming has, so keep reading to see what we’ve been up to!

9/2/17 – Ah Saturday.  A day that, according to some singers, is alright for fighting.  And what better way to come out swinging in our game day with the Janesville Pegheads than to play Near and Far.  In this game players take on the role of adventurers, collecting a team and supplies to move beyond town and go adventuring.  This game is the third in a series of games by Ryan Lauket that unravels the story of the game’s lore. A nice mix of story telling and skill building, it’s definitely worth it to own all three.  After a few hours of adventuring we still were eager for more, so we moved on to The Lost Expedition, joined in gaming by Mama Meeple.  This game also has players take on the role of adventurers, working cooperatively to travel through the jungle and make it to El Dorado.  Players have cards in their hands and must decide whether they believe their team can overcome the obstacles on the card during the day (when cards are played in numerical order) or if they should take them on at night (where they trigger in the order they’re played).  After breezing through the path on easy mode, we decided to make things interesting and play head-to-head. This mode of gameplay is typically reserved for two players, but we broke up into two teams, with the Meeple team claiming victory!  Needing a change of scenery, we hit the high seas with Tortuga 1667. In this game players are divided into two teams of sailors, the British and the French, who are both trying to control the most gold for their team and win the game. However, players aren’t sure who is on their team, so they have to put faith in their fellow players and try to take control best they can. Our game swayed pretty quickly to the French side, dividing the Meeples in victory.  Needing a break from the outdoors, we decided to show a bit more of our geeky side with Geek Out!, a trivia game where players bid on how many of the topic they can name. At the beginning of their turn, players roll the die to choose their category, then the player on their right reads a topic from that category along with a number. Players then go on a circle bidding on that topic until everyone but one person had passed, then that person gets to name the items they bid! There are different versions of this game, so there’s definitely room for this on everyone’s game shelf!  We built too much trust in each other over game night, so we decided to end the evening with One Night Ultimate Alien, a hidden role game where players have 5 minutes to hunt down someone on the opposite team… but may not know who their team is! We’d only played this version once before, so it was nice to freshen up on the roles.

9/4/17 – Happy Labor Day! After a weekend of laboring around our house, we decided to take a break in the evening and play Deckscape: The Fate of London.  A GenCon buy, this game is one of the newest in a growing line of “escape room in a box” type games.  Without spoiling any of the information from the game, this experience is different than others in that you only get one chance to guess each puzzle.  If you guess incorrectly, you obtain a penalty, which counts against your score at the end of the game.  These games keep introducing new mechanics to the system, it’ll be interesting to see how they keep evolving.

9/6/17 – Because SOMEONE decided to have a birthday, we missed our regular Tuesday gaming.  To make up for it, we decided to pull out another escape the box game,  known as UNLOCK! The Island of Doctor Goorse.  We often brag that we’re pretty good at these types of games, and our track record proves us right.  Until today.  Today was a BAD day for us to escape. Without revealing too much, this game immediately split us in two sides, unable to communicate with each for a significant amount of time at the beginning of the game. This created confusion, pandemonium, and general frustration. We were able to get through the game, but over time and using quite a few hints. Let’s chalk it up to a bad night and know that splitting the Meeples is generally a bad idea.

9/7/17 – In an attempt to end the week of gaming on a bit of a higher note, we attended gaming with the Janesville Pegheads.  We started the Meetup with a game that we needed to try again, Vikings Gone Wild. Amber backed this as a Kickstarter and was excited to try it after loving the app version. Our first play through fell flat, so we felt we needed to give it another try. We played it with a full four players this time and things seemed to go a bit better, causing us to believe that maybe this game isn’t exactly for two players like it suggests. Building villages up (and burning them down) builds up quite an appetite, so we quickly moved on to Truck Off! The Food Truck Frenzy. In this game, players take on the roles of themed Food Trucks, travelling to different venues trying to collect money from a variety of customers. The number of customers varies based on location, which cleverly uses polyhedral dice to represent the number of customers at each location. Having taken up most of our time with our first two games, we ended our game night with Pass the Pigs, a light pig-chucking game where the pigs are the dice! Depending on how the pigs land, you gain points for their position when they stop. You have to be careful, however, because if they touch, you go back to zero! This game is pretty silly and it’s fun to see the pigs bouncing around, a much better end to our week!

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