What Did We Play This Week – 8/25/17

Don’t care what we played at GenCon?  Tired of hearing and seeing all the fun we had?  We didn’t think so!  As we get back on track, we log a shorter version of What Did We Play including many new games we picked up at the con.

8/22/17 — Back to our previously scheduled programming, we hit up our regular Tuesday night meetup with a bag full of hotness.  Before Ethan even had the chance to ask what we should do, I pulled out That’s A Question, a game I couldn’t help but to joke about the title.  In this game, the active player chooses another player to ask one of three questions, giving the chosen player two options out of their hand.  Other players vote how they think the chosen player will answer and score points according to how well they did.  This is an interesting twist on “would you rather” type games, it’ll be interesting to see how differently it goes with other groups.  Because we hadn’t had enough secret spilling, we decided to play 3 Secrets, guessing the character’s secrets cooperatively, trying to find out the ridiculous secrets set up by the game.  The game was just as ridiculous with our regular group as it was at GenCon, which made me feel good about our purchase.  Afterwards we switched things up with a game of Wordsy, a word-crafting game where you can spell any word you want, but you get points if you use the letters on the table!  This game rewards the person who spells the best word fastest, but doesn’t let them be the fastest next turn.  This is a great addition to the word games on our shelf and I can’t wait to play it again.  After dealing with words for too long, we switched to numbers in the game NMBR 9, an abstract where players must use numbers to build layers to gain better scores.  This game is a bit like Tetris in that you need to fit the pieces together, however, you also have to be careful that you can stack other numbers on top, because numbers on the bottom most level don’t score.  I’ve declared myself terrible at this game and decided then that we needed to move on.  We ended our game night with Stop Thief!, an updated cop & robbr game by Restoration Games. Ethan was able to check this out at GenCon, suggested I may like it, so we picked it up. This hidden movement game has an app that controls the robber, while the other players search the board using clues, trying to catch the robber and get the rewards. The reimplementation of this game was a lot of fun and a great way to revamp a classic game.

8/23/17 – Because we’re still not sick of gaming, we threw a few games in on a random weeknight after dinner. We started with a couple games of Codenames: Duet, a two-player version of Codenames. This version comes with a built in timer, which gives a bit more complexity and urgency in clue giving. We failed both times we played (thanks assassins!) and decided to move on to Deckscape: Test Time, another Escape Room in a Box type game.  We’ve played four different types of these games now, and while this one was not our favorite, it definitely did its job.  Having enough of this week, we rested for the rest of the night.  That is, until, it’s game night again!

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