What Have We Been Playing – 8/11/17

We didn’t forget about you, we swear! We know that Fridays all you look forward to is hearing what we’ve been playing this week, but we were just so busy . . .

Thanks for joining us again for another recap of What Have We Been Playing, where we go through our week in gaming.

8/5/17 — Saturday was another meetup with the lovely Janesville Pegheads and we started things off by trying not to get along as much as possible and playing Cutthroat Caverns, a ever-so-slightly cooperative game where players work together to defeat villians, but want all the glory for themselves.  Players can backstab, overkill, and steal from their fellow players in order to return to town with the most prestige, winning the game.  Our players were not shy about using these conniving tools right away, which made for fun gameplay.  We switched gears after the dungeon crawling and played Keyflower, a bidding/tile laying game which we have played recently with members of the Rockford Pegheads.  This game can get cut throat as well, as you’re bidding your people in order to win tiles.  However, players can come outbid you at any time, so it’s advantageous to keep an eye out on what meeples your opponents are taking in.  Not having enough of fighting over things, some of us split with Amber playing Libertalia, a pirating game where you use the members of your ship to gain treasure and glory.  One thing that is great about this game is every player starts with the same cards in their hand, so when a player chooses to lay certain cards can change the course of their treasure gaining.    While pirating was afoot, Ethan played Century: Spice Road, a set collection/deck building game.  Ethan has been very jealous that Amber has gotten to play this on multiple occasions and was happy to finally be able to play it for himself.  He also wishes to add that he did not win, in case that’s important for the narrative.  Amber’s final game of the night was Smash Up, where players draft factions (of sometime the silliest kind) to shuffle-build their decks, trying to take over bases and gain 10 points before any of the other players.  Ethan was able to squeeze in two more games, one being Trickster: Champions of Time, a trick-taking game where players are trying to release cards from their tableau and NOT take the tricks, and finishing with a crowd favorite, Werewords.

8/6/17 — It’s Sunday again and while we wait patiently to see the same family sit on the Throne, we decided to play a few games to pass the time.  Amber discovered about a week ago that she had been playing a rule in Star Realms incorrectly (not that she’s blaming the person who taught her how to play), so they started off with the space-themed deck builder.  After finishing that (and reviewing their overall win stats for that game), they moved on to Dimension, a sphere-stacking puzzle game in which players are timed and must follow six rules to stack their spheres the most efficiently. Ethan will be playing in a Dimension tournament at GenCon, so he wanted to get a bit of practice in before the big day. We also will be playing a 7 Wonders: Duel tournament, which is two-player variant of 7 Wonders, which we’ve also played recently. Amber is feeling confident for that tournament based on her win percentage, it’ll be interesting to see how she does against different opponents.

8/8/17 — Tuesday again and we’re back in the saddle with the Rockford Pegheads. We start with crowd pleaser, Not Alone, where players are working together to fight off this dangerous planet and leave in tact. Amber and Ethan got a new Kickstarter game this week called Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove, that they wanted to give a try.  In this game, players are controlling orphans who are trying not to get caught by the boogeyman.  This adorable/creepy game can be pretty brutal, with players getting stuck in tough situations and sometimes just getting caught and losing.  After being a bit depressed, Amber went to teach someone Dimension, with Ethan jumping in after he killed off his orphan, allowing for a bit more practice before his tournament (and kicking butts in the process).  The owners of the Gaming Goat in Rockford had loaned the Meeples a few games to learn, so we tried one of those out afterwards.  The game, Road Hog: Rule the Road, pits players against each other as they try to avoid each other, traffic, and road rage and get to the end before the others.  One great component of this game is the treading on the bottom of the road tiles, which allows them to stay in place as palyers knock their cars all over the place.  To continue on the small game trend, we played  <a href=”http://Sobek” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Sobek, an Egyptian-themed set collection game.  Having enough of going against each other, next we pulled outSay Bye to The Villains, where players try to buff up their characters in order to beat as many villains as their are players. In this game the villians’ attributes are kept secret, so players have to take some time before the fight in order to reveal these characteristics, which at times can be detrimental to the players. After suffering a half defeat, we started to pack up for the night when we heard the sounds of cheering a dice rolling. A group of players were playing Strike, a dice rolling/press your luck game where players chuck dice into an area, trying to get pairs and knock other players out. When this game was first released, we dismissed it as silly because of the game play and components. But after playing, it may not be an instant purchase for us, but definitely a fun game that plays well with a crowd.

Join us next week for a special edition of What Did We Play, where we chronicle our adventures from GenCon!

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