Gen Con 2017 Recap!

Hi all! As you may have heard, last week was Gen Con, the best four (-ish) days in gaming! More particularly, it was the 50th Gen Con, and we were there to celebrate the momentous anniversary. Join me as I recap our Gen Con experience, full of games and more!

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What Did We Play This Week: Special GenCon 2017 Edition

As we continue to recover from our post-con exhaustion, we’re excited to bring you a special edition of What Did We Play, where we recap not only our normal gaming nights, but the things we played at GenCon as well! Because we split for part of the con, Ethan has made a seperate post about our experience, so that everyone gets the full con experience. Go grab something to drink (we’ll wait) because we’ve got a lot to tell you!

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What Have We Been Playing – 8/11/17

We didn’t forget about you, we swear! We know that Fridays all you look forward to is hearing what we’ve been playing this week, but we were just so busy . . .

Thanks for joining us again for another recap of What Have We Been Playing, where we go through our week in gaming.

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What Did We Play This Week – 8/4/17

7/28/17 — Finally! We finally got a chance to game with the Janesville Pegheads again! We were so excited we got there a bit early, so decided to try out 13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis. This game pits two players, one controlling the United States one the USSR, against each other in a battle over area control, making sure they don’t cause a nuclear war.  The game goes by very quickly, so attention is key to ensure your not causing a catastrophe. After an exchange or power, the USSR, winning the battle. As more people began to arrive, we split into two horrifically familiar games, Dead of Winter Crossroads Game and Pandemic: Reign Of Cthulhu. In Dead of Winter, we fought together to collect enough samples of zombie guts, killing zombies and bringing their corpses back to the colony.  However, there was a hidden traitor among us, causing our downfall. In Pandemic: Cthulhu, things began well but feel suddenly into darkness.  With only one turn left, players were able to pull out a victory over the Great Old One.  After a period of darkness, we were on the lookout for hidden traitors, playing a few (12 in fact!) games of Werewords.  This is quickly becoming popular in our group, especially trying to describe and guess the “ridiculous” set of words.

7/30/17 — While waiting to watch Game of Thrones, Two Board Meeples to decide to pull out a few games that we haven’t played yet this year.  We first tried out Raxxon, a virally marketed game set in the Dead of Winter universe. This game is currently only available to people who have the “access code,” and we were fortunate enough to get it!  In this game, players are trying to pull the healthy citizens out of the crowd and quarantine the infected to save the city.  We played on the Introduction Scenario, which while on a  lower difficulty still gave us a run for our money.  We were able to save all the citizens and move on to the next game, where we tried out 13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis again.  The game flow seemed to go more smoothly the second play and we felt as if we had a better grasp of winning conditions.  With the show quickly approaching, we decided to play a game of Game of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue.  In this game, players are building a pyramid of characters based on the TV show, having to match the houses of the characters underneath until a player cannot play anymore from their hand.  With this game, the Two Meeples had their own mini-game, trying to match characters that made sense next to each other.  With Westeros won, we moved on to watching one of our favorite Sunday night shows.

8/1/17 — Tuesday again and we’re back in Rockford again for weekly gaming.  Wanting to see how well we contained viruses with more people, we busted out Raxxon first.  Saving the world acquires quite the crowd, so in order to accommodate 6 people, we pulled out 7 Wonders next.  In 7 Wonders, a card drafting/city building game, players are collection resources in order to build the most prominent city, the person with the most points at the end wins.  This was a game we haven’t played in quite some time and we decided to play it with just the base game, so it was a nice refresher for a classic game that we’ve had for quite some time.  Afterwards we were able to play Samurai Spirit, a game where players take the role of samurai trying to save a geisha village from incoming attacks.  This game was TOUGH friends.  When you’re character gets two hits from the attackers, your character turns into the animal version of themselves, which has slightly more hit points and a slightly better power.  Even with most of us in animal form, we were unable to best the attackers TWO TIMES!  Feeling defeated, we ended the night with Tiny Epic Quest, a game that I’ve heard called “Legend of Zelda: The Board Game” by multiple different gamers.  We unfortunately didn’t make it through an entire game, but after a few rounds the more complicated bits become more clear and you really do feel like you’re on a quest to gain weapons, defeat goblins and use magic!

Join us again next week for another visit with the Janesville and Rockford Pegheads!