What Did We Play This Week – 7/28/17

Welcome back to our weekly feature where we chronicle what games we’ve played in the last week!

7/22/17 — Saturday gaming. What better way to get in a ton of games you’ve been wanting to try out or a really long game that’s been sitting around waiting for a good chunk of time to get it out. Our Saturday game sessions tend to last about 6-8 hours, which is a good chunk of time for lots of gaming. We started our day with Word Domination a new word/tile game by Uproarious Games. In this game, players take on the role of spies who are trying to steal famous artifacts and locations from around the world. In order to do that, they must use the letters placed out in front of them, as well as letters they control, to spell words to gain control. This is a game we were able to demo at GenCon last year and was a wonderful Kickstarter project. The game scales for the number of players, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays with different sets of people. After putting our spelling skills to the test, we jumped Cowabunga style into IDW Games Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of The Past. It’s quite the mouthful, really. In this game one player takes on the role of classic TMNT bad guys while the other players play as the Turtles, trying to defeat the villains and accomplish missions. There are multiple scenarios in the book which allow for a campaign-like gameplay. We played this game before last year and it was a lot of fun, definitely for the nostalgia sake if nothing else. After 2 scenarios of that, we moved onto Brewin’ USA, a bidding/area control game where you a are brewer trying to create delicious beers and spread them to breweries around the US, gaining control of regions and having the most influence at the end of the game. Two points of detail that I really like about this games are that they use bottle caps for currency and they use the names of actual microbreweries around the US> This price point for this game is a bit high, but definitely worth it. All that beer creating was making us a little insane, so we decided to switch it up and try out Lovecraft Letter, a Cthulhu themed version of Love Letter. This version adds alternative roles for the numbers as well as adds a madness element to the game. Amber sort of loves the Lovecraft Theme, Ethan loves magnetic boxes that are shaped like books, so this was a game that was basically made for us. Plus it comes with such wonderful sleeves! Starting to wind down, we decided to go for Skull Board Game, a colorful bidding/press your luck game that has evolved from a bar game played with coasters and napkins. To end the night, we went with Seventh Hero, a game that has sense been renamed Rent-A-Hero much to the controversy of our game group. In this game you are trying to recruit heroes but they have very specifics needs that need to be met in order to come work for you, recruit two of the same and they’ll both quit! With our heroes recruited, it was time to end game night and bid goodbye until next time.

7/25/17 In our typical Tuesday night fashion, we were back in Rockford tonight for our Pegheads meetup! We started with a few “eureka!” moments by playing Einstein: His Amazing Life and Incomparable Science, a tile laying game where you are trying to recreate some of Einstein’s great ideas. In this game you play one of four Einsteins representing different times in his life. You lay tiles in a community area trying to match ideas both in your hand and under a community goal list. Person who created the most prestige worth of ideas wins! After using up quite a bit of brain power, it was time to use force to get what we wanted, in a game called Revolution! In this bidding/area control game, players use force, blackmail and money to gain control over different areas of the town, players with the most control gain the most points and wins! When the forces of evil take over town, who you gonna call? Two Board Meeples! We gathered two more players and worked together on a game called A Touch of Evil: Dark Gothic, a deck-building game where players work together to defeat 3 villains. In this game the group either loses together or the person with the highest card value wins, and unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our endeavors. Needing to take a bit of a lighter approach, we switched groups and worked next with Honshu, a bidding/tile laying/city buiding game where players are working towards their secret goals to try to building the best city for their people. There are common point earning criteria as well, so it’s important not too hard on your secret goals or you miss other important scoring criteria. To end the night we played Nevermore Card Game. We’ve played this game a few times, but this game was especially interesting in how it played out. In this game, players are card drafting and set collecting in order to gain magical powers, knock out their enemies, and ultimately gain 6 points to win. When another player loses all their life, they are turned into a raven, using their turns to peck other players and try to turn back into a human. In this particular game, Amber was turned into a raven rather quickly, as she had gained 5 points in the first few rounds. Much of the game was played and more people were converted to bird-dom until only 2 of the 5 players were still humans. In order to transform back to a human, raven players must either have one of each kind of card in their hand or achieve a 5 of a kind.  In this game, there is a special 5 of a kind called a “conspiracy of ravens” that, when you get one, you hit all the other players for one and gain a victory point.  Well, in the final match of the game, Amber was sitting as a raven with 5 points and couldn’t do anything unless she turned human again.  As cards were being drafted, she was gaining more and more ravens until, in the last draft, she ended up with a handful of beautiful, black birds.  In the resolution phase, you check for a conspiracy first, so Amber had 5 of  a kind, turned back into a human, hit all human players for 1, and gained her sixth point, winning her a game.  It was an exciting end to our game night and a great story to finish this week’s “What Did We Play.”

Check back next week when we revisit the Janesville Pegheads and start our GenCon prep!

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