What Have We Been Playing – 7/21/17

In our weekly feature, we recap the games we’ve played over the last week!

7/15/17 – Winter is nearly here and our Rockford gaming group was so excited for the new season of Game of Thrones that we decided to host a day dedicated to the theme.  So Two Board Meeples packed up their most Westerosi games and headed on down to the land of Ice and Fire.   We started with a meeple versus meeple match of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, with House Lannister against the The Knight’s Watch.  In the Game of Thrones Card Game, you build a deck with base set and expansion packs, choosing which house you want represented in your deck.  You can then play against up to 4 different players and try to become the best house in Westeros.  After a little bit of rules reminder, the Meeples begin to battle it out, with eventually Amber and House Lannister winning the Match.  We then moved on to playing Game Of Thrones: The Iron Throne, a Cosmic-Encounter like game that again pits the houses of Westeros against each other to spread the most influence to the other houses.  Battles were fought, promises were broken, and eventually House Martell and House Lannister tied for a victory.  Needing to brush up more on our Seven Kingdoms facts, we moved on to Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game, a game which allows you to use your knowledge of the TV Show to gain control of the Castles of the Seven Kingdoms.  After realizing that we were much like Jon Snow and knew very little, we decided to end the day outside of Westeros by playing A fake artist goes to New York , a game much like Spyfall where everyone knows the secret word but one person.  One by one the players take turns drawing one line of the secret word; after everyone has gotten a chance to draw two lines, players must guess who the “fake artist” is.

7/18/17  It was tiring travelling from Westeros to New York, so we took a few days of rest before attending the weekly meetup with the Rockford Pegheads.  The Meeples got there a bit early, so we snuck in a quick game of Dreamwell, a set collection game where players are navigating dream worlds to gain the most points.  After a harsh victory by Ethan, more people began to join us and we had a large group to play Werewords, a cross between Bezier Games’ Werewolf and 20 Questions.  In this game, the Mayor chooses a word that the werewolves and the seer know, while the villagers are trying to figure out what the word is.  The Seer has to be careful not to let themselves be know too much, because of the word is found, the Werewolves still have a chance to win by eliminating the Seer!  After a few fun rounds of word guessing, the Meeples split into two groups, Ethan playing Facade Games Salem (which we have reviewed here) and Amber playing Century: Spice Road, a engine building, card buying game which some in the group consider to be a solid replacement for Splendor. The Meeples got back together again to play a game of Bruges, a game that we have visited before. In Bruges, you are working to building up your canals, create houses in your personal village, and gain successful societal members to place in your houses, gaining points for completing canals and gaining important people. After a while of brain burning, we ended the night with a few games of The Chameleon, a Target Exclusive game by Big Potato games. Another game similar to Spyfall, everyone except one person has access to the secret word from a sheet of similar words. Then every player takes a turn quickly saying another word related to the original word, while after players vote to find the The Chameleon.

This week we were able to play a lot of different types of games, which always makes for a good week!

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