What Have We Been Playing — 7/14/17

In our new weekly feature, we recap the games that we’ve played since last Friday!  Join us as we look back in the week of gaming.

7/8/17 – While not a traditional board game, we were invited to participate in an Escape Room with 10 of our friends from our Janesville gaming group.  We haven’t been to the Janesville Group as often lately because of scheduling conflicts, so it was nice to see everyone again.  We arrived at the same time as another couple, who ventured into what appeared as the store front of a candy store.  After looking around for a moment, a crackle came in over a speaker and we were encourage to find the hidden entrance to the room.  Surprise had us fumbling, but not for long as we entered a space age lounge to find our friends waiting for us.  A few other groups were waiting for their times as well and we discovered that four different groups would be doing four different adventures that day.  After the guide briefed us in the rules of the escape room, a man with a funky eye makeup began to escort the groups back to their rooms.  One by one the groups went back as a soft “psst” of air flowed in the doorway.  When it was our turn to enter, we were lead into a hallway with 6 different doors, all of which lead to different escape rooms.  All the way in the back corner was our room, where our guide told us that it was the 1960s, we woke up in a warehouse surrounded by blood, and we could hear noises from the next room.  We were given an hour to escape and were ushered into a small, dark, creepy room, dirty and splatter with blood and body parts.  We worked together diligently to be shocked (literally at one point) and amazed at how well we work together.  Out of the four groups that went in, we were one of two groups that made it out on time, so we were pretty proud of ourselves!

7/11/17 — Slurpee Day! (We unfortunately did not partake.)  It was weekly gaming at the Gaming Goat and the gloom and doom outside brought out the murderous side of us, which lead us to play The Last Friday, a one-versus-many game which takes place at Camp Apache, a stereotypical 80s slasher movie camp.  The game plays out in four chapters, with one person portraying the serial killer “The Maniac,” and all other players taking roles as movie trope campers.  In the first chapter of the game, the camper players are running from The Maniac, trying to find keys to 5 different color cabins and hide away to safety while The Maniac is trying to kill all the campers, which would cause The Maniac to win.  Our campers were diligent and made it into safety, but not without two casualties in the camp.  In the second chapter, daylight is about to break and The Maniac must seek shelter until night falls again, while the campers seek out The Maniac and attempt to put him to rest.  The campers succeeded and the blue player had the pleasure of killing the killer, becoming The Predestined, but what kind of horror movie would this be if The Maniac were to just stay dead?  In the third chapter, The Maniac seeks vengeance against the predestined, spending the entire chapter attempting to kill the predestined and win, while the other campers are helping keep the predestined safe.  If the predestined survives this chapter (which she did!) then we move onto Chapter 4: The Final Chapter.  In chapter 4, dawn is breaking yet again, but this time it’s the camper’s final opportunity to seek revenge against the mayhem The Maniac has caused.  Like chapter 2, The Maniac is try to seek refuge from the campers, but this time it’s real for the campers.  If the predestined can kill The Maniac in this chapter, the camper team wins.  If The Maniac escapes, he is the winner.  The campers in our game were able to surround The Maniac, making his moves very obvious and causing a fantastic camper victory!

Since The Last Friday is a bit longer game, we only had time for one more short one this night, so we decided to pull out Garbage Day.  In Garbage Day, players are roommates in an apartment and unfortunately, no one likes cleaning or taking out the garbage.  Players draw cards from the deck and either place them in their room or on top of the garbage can depending on what type of card they draw.  If you have to place your card on the garbage can, you must carefully balance your card on the existing garbage, if you knock over the garbage, you could be out of the game!  There are also a few mischief cards in the deck, which allow you to place garbage in another person’s room or mess with how they place their garbage. The garbage was flying with this one, with Amber and another player “getting married” to try to preserve the win, but in the end someone else prevailed, becoming the king of the apartment and not cleaning their room!

7/12/17 Wednesdays are Masterchef Night at the Two Board Meeples household, and while waiting for Chef Ramsey to critique those home chef’s dishes, we decided to make it a Cthulhu Night (because what’s scarier, than Gordon Ramsey’s criticism, right?).  We busted out Cthulhu Dice first, which didn’t really go very well with two players.  To be honest, we didn’t even check to see if it could be played with two, but since we’ve played it before and wanted to knock it off our unplayed list of the year, we decided to chuck the dice and take each other’s sanity anyway.  We segued from that into Munchkin Cthulhu, a classic game with an Elder God theme.  While it was fun to revisit the game that got me into the hobby, there were very typical frustrations in game: someone running away with the lead, being the target of attack after attack.  There was definitely a feeling of, “when will this game end” coming from Amber, but it was a fun revisit and a nice laugh at some of the old jokes that were forgotten.  Plus, it gave us a chance to use our cool new countdown dice!

That’s all our gaming for this week, join us next week as we report back with more “What Have We Played!”

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