Gaming Challenges: 2017 Edition

Hi, Ethan here!  Last year, I posted about some gaming challenges I was participating in, as a way to add some extra fun to my gaming experiences for the year.  Well, a week into this new year, I’m here to report that I’m doing it again this year, and even have Amber trying some new ones out too.  Here’s what I’m challenging myself with this year:

The 100×1 Challenge

This one was my favorite (and easiest to complete) challenge last year.  To complete the 100×1 challenge, you must play 100 different games at least once each.  This encourages gamers to explore diversity and play many different games.  These are things that we do already, and with a large game collection, we could complete it easily by playing less than half of the games we own.  Last year I was able to complete this challenge in March, and overall played 300 different games over the course of the year.  So this year, while I will participate in the 100×1, my real challenge will be to play more unique games than I did last year.  I’m already at 12 unique games, so hopefully this will be achievable!

To participate in this challenge, check out this GeekList on BGG.

The 10×10 Challenge

This is probably the most popular of the yearly challenges amongst gamers.  In this challenge, you strive to play 10 different games 10 times each.  The goal is to play games more than a couple of times to gain a better understanding of the game’s workings, overall strategies, and the like.  This challenge is definitely a lot harder than the 100×1 for me because, again, we have a lot of games and like to play all of them a few times rather than a small handful of games a lot.  However, there are some standbys or go-to games for Amber and I or our gaming group, so it is possible to play 10 different games 10 times within the year.  There are two different flavors to the 10×10 challenge – regular and hardcore.  In the hardcore challenge, you must declare ahead of time what your 10 games will be (you are allowed one alternate that can be switched in), and plays logged before starting the challenge and declaring your 10 games do not count.  The regular challenge is a lot more lenient, allowing you to start at any time, and not requiring you to decide ahead of time which 10 games you’re going to play.  Last year I started a hardcore challenge, but ended up only playing 5 or 6 of my original games 10 times, so in the end I downgraded to a normal challenge and was able to just complete the challenge.  This year, I am trying a hardcore challenge again, but I’ve chosen a lot of games which are easy to play solo, as often the hardest part of the 10×10 is finding other people who want to play the same games a bunch of times.  I’m hopeful that I’ll get the hardcore challenge done, and optimistic in that maybe there will be 10 other games I play a lot so that I can qualify for a normal challenge as well.

To participate in this challenge, check out this GeekList on BGG.

The 52 Games Challenge

This is a new challenge to me this year and is the one I’m most excited about participating in.  Instead of just playing a number of games a number of times (like the 100×1, 10×10, etc.), this challenge involves playing 52 different games (so, an average of one game a week) that fulfill a list of criteria.  Some of the criteria are related to the designer of the game (a game designed by a person of color, a designer’s only game), some are related to the components (a game with 10+ dice, a game with 100+ cards), some are related to the theme (a political game, a game set during wartime), and there are many more odd and unique categories to satisfy.  This one reminds me of a scavenger list or something like that, except for gaming.  The first week of satisfying challenges has gone well, but I feel like as time goes on and there are fewer categories remaining, it’ll switch to finding games to fit the categories rather than categories to fit the games we’ve played and will be a tougher challenge.

To participate in this challenge, check out this GeekList on BGG.

The Alphabet Board Game Challenge

Last but not least is the Alphabet Board Game Challenge.  This challenge, as you may imagine, is to play games beginning with each letter of the alphabet  While it may not sound so bad, I have a feeling that it’s going to present a challenge to complete.  Looking back at my logged plays, I have only played one game that begins with X (XenoShyft: Onslaught) and no games that begin with Y, so I feel like those two letters are going to be tough to complete.  Like the 10×10, there is both a normal and hardcore version of this challenge.  In the hardcore challenge, games must be completed in alphabetical order (e.g. you’d have  to play Agricola before Broom Service in order for both to count in the challenge), and games can’t overlap with other challenges on BoardGameGeek.  More for the latter reason (I am doing 4 challenges after all!), I chose to try the normal challenge this year, where games can be completed in any order and can overlap with other gaming challenges.  As long as I can get the pesky X and Y done, I think that I can play through my ABCs!

To participate in this challenge, check out this GeekList on BGG.


So those are the gaming challenges I’ll be trying to complete this year.  Are you participating in these or other gaming challenges, or do you have any gaming resolutions for this year?  Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @twoboardmeeples!

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