Game Night Recap – 3/30/2016

Our gaming nights have started filling up and tonight was no different.  We used all but one chair at the peak point during the night, which means we had 19 people sitting at the gaming tables undertaking this wonderful hobby.  Ethan and I were able to split up from each other the whole night and get to play completely different games!

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Game Review – Salem


The year is 1692, and the place is Salem, Massachusetts.  Peaceful life in the colonial town has been disturbed recently by strange happenings, leading the townspeople to suspect each other of witchcraft.  As accusations fly back and forth across the table, innocent villagers are caught in the crossfire as their friends and neighbors try to find the real witches who have infiltrated their ranks.  But the witches have some tricks up their sleeves as well…

Salem is a hidden role/social deduction game for 4-12 players that takes place during the infamous Salem witch trials.  We got this game last year via Kickstarter and were recently able to get it to the table and try it out.  It’s a game on the lighter side of social deduction that accurately captures the fear and paranoia of colonial Salem in the time of witches, where you can never be too sure who you can trust.

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Game Review — A Touch Of Evil: The Supernatural Game


We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  After a short hiatus, we’re back at it with a new review for a game that is near and dear to our hearts.  A little background before we begin — you’ve all heard the story about how we got into gaming. (If not, shame on you.  Go back and read our blog post entitled, An Introduction.)  After we decided that gaming was definitely our thing, we decided to hit up our FLGS Kryptonite Kollectibles to browse their gaming selection.  A game that immediately caught our eye was this beauty:

Feast Your Eyes!

I picked up the game and immediately started to giggle.  I have never, at that time, seen a board game that used the art of real people!  We were intrigued and needed to know if the art on the components contained this art as well.  After a quick look around, this became our first board game purchase not only as a couple, but as new board gamers as well.

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The Overlooked Value of a Game Review— Helping Everyone Have Better Game Nights

So last time we talked about what goes on in the brain of your gaming host when they are trying to decide what game to play. This time we’re going to talk about how valuable game reviews are. The two are related. Trust me. Let me explain:

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