“What Should We Play?” When a Game Host’s Brain Explodes

So a couple of years ago, I took it upon myself to email somebody on BGG who happened to live close to me, and I asked him to join me for a game. Since I did that, the rest is history. That email grew into a strong friendship with my co-host, Brian, and a thriving regular gaming group, the Janesville Pegheads.

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Board Game Review: Ion: A Compound Building Game


Ion: A Compound Building Game is a 2-7 player card drafting game where players use cards corresponding to elemental ions to form ionic compounds.  The game debuted on Kickstarter last year (which is how we got it), and is now available for purchase.  It was created by Genius Games in a series of science-themed educational games which includes Linkage (themed around DNA), Peptide (proteins), and the upcoming Covalence (molecules).

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